MID3 ( Mid3pixel ) is an interactive technology agency. Since the very start of our organization we have been into making world class and customer centric websites along with intranets and extranets

It has been our continuous and sincere effort since we began our organization to deliver the best possible solution and help companies solve their problems related to e-commerce, websites, intranets and extranets


Our team of qualified executives brings a wealth of experience from diverse industry backgrounds. We hope you'll read on and meet the people behind our vision. As you'll see, many of them have been with the Company and in the industry since the beginning.

We're proud of the award-winning work that we deliver to our clients and, most importantly, we're proud of the people that make it happen. By bringing extremely talented and passionate people together in a creative and collaborative environment, we're able to help both our clients and our employees succeed.

We know there's a whole world outside of work, and we strive to provide programs to help you make the most of it. With a serious commitment to flexibility in the workplace and the convenience of laptops and other technological innovations, we can offer our people a personal approach that enables them to enjoy life while both in and out of the office. This is just another of the many reasons that makes MID3PIXEL.COM such a great place to work.
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We trace our origin back to the early days of 2003 when the internet was already a buzzword in the global market. It was then that three people got together to form an organization which they thought would be their daily bread and butter. There have been stories in the past where one man changed the direction the world would think and work. This case was no different. In an effort to do something extraordinary or maybe what other people were even doing in a different manner X, Y and Z got together to achieve the dream which they had nurtured for long. And thus was born MID3 ( Mid3pxel ) .

Starting off on a modest scale is how most companies around the globe have become big. Be it Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, – everyone had started off on a small scale and then climbed unscalable heights. We don’t intend to compare ourselves to any of the companies mentioned above but we are just trying to ascertain the fact that every big name in the world had a humble beginning. To quote an old saying – “Rome was not built in a day”

Early on, with clients like ABC and XYZ, MID3 ( Mid3pxel ) proved itself to be an emerging industry leader by building a brilliant client base. Working with companies like X, Y, Z, A, B, C, our business rapidly expanded.

Today,MID3 ( Mid3pxel ) is going by its history and financial stability to offer their clients the best quality service and remaining committed to its roots and believing in the simple saying of the business almanac – "The Customer is the King".